Podcast – Episode #15: An E-Commerce Lead Media Buyer’s Perspective

No one can be perfect in everything. Doing everything at the same time is not going to give the best result for our clients – Monika Apostolidisz

Today’s special guest, Monika Apostolidisz! DimNiko Agency’s Lead Media Buyer and Head of Operations. Be informed with her tips and other knowledgeable advises about the media buying that specializes in E-commerce and Facebook ads. Insider info and details about DimNiko products and services. How is it for her to hire, train and retain a media buyer in this vast industry.

You’ll Find Out: 

  • Monika’s journey from being an affiliate manager to a lead media buyer
  • How and Why she enters affiliate marketing
  • Facebook traffic for media buying esp for E-commerce
  • How DimNiko Agency starts and grow with media buy
  • Monika as a special guest speaker in AWE, what to look forward to
  • Tips on hiring, training and retaining a media buyer
  • E-commerce current and next trends
  • How lockdown affects the business nowadays esp in Facebook
  • Rapid Fire Questions: 10 things you probably didn’t know about Monika

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