Podcast – Episode #16: From Website Designing Business to a 6 Figure Google Media Buyer

Failure is inevitable on your way of success,but also terrible if you don’t learn from it – Eric Chen, CEO/Marketer, TOPSKY INC

Today’s episode is a special edition, Mandarin version of one-on-one interview with Eric Chen!

Moved from Shenzhen China to Toronto Canada 10 years ago, Eric started a new life as well as a new business. Life in a foreign country was always not easy, but things changed when he decided to give online marketing a shot. Now, in Crypto he is making 6 figure profits on a monthly basis. Listen to his personal experiences and advises. How he found his first winning campaign. Challenges he faced and why he is focusing on Crypto now. Also, hear more of his plans about his Crypto and Whitehat campaigns.

You’ll Find Out: 

  • Eric’s journey from website designing business to a 6 figure Google Media buyer
  • Valuable experience that he learned from his first winning campaign
  • The turning point of his career – why he took one year off
  • More things about his own training program – Mastery Marketing
  • Tips directly from Eric on how to be a successful marketer and how to manage a remote team
  • Eric’s next step — focusing on running campaign in a Whitehat way

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