Podcast – Episode #2: From Zero to Hero – How a Lone Russian Affiliate Became an Established CTO

We’re excited to have our guest, established CTO of Fasttrack, Mikhail Novikov, join us today for this episode! Listen on as he shares how he entered the affiliate marketing scene, how he found the key to success after multiple failures, how he built his company and even his dream home, the challenges he faced in the process and his valuable advice on how to build an asset out of affiliate marketing. Mikhail is also a active speaker in the tech community in Moscow with the goal of helping other like-minded individuals achieve his success. So feel free to connect with Mikhail on Facebook!

You’ll find out:

  • Mikhail’s venture from software developer into affiliate marketing
  • How he found the key to success after failing
  • How Mikhail started his own company and CTO of a an established Russian Chatbot company
  • The challenges he faced and how he overcame it
  • Tips and recommendations

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