The AFFengers are heading to AWE Barcelona!

The AM Galaxy was once a thriving planet, where Super Affiliates scaled aggressively and exercised their marketing powers, but over the past couple of years its been under constant attack by ZBERG – the “Lord of Faces “, and if someone doesn’t save AM Galaxy now, it could be gone forever.

ZBERG has never been so strong, the amount of data he accumulated over the past decade is unimaginable, all the permissions that were given to him only made him grow, over time he became smarter and now his state of the art algorithms are constantly shutting down any type of scaling from any Super Affiliates out there.

ZBERG cannot bring down the AM Galaxy alone, he also brought his entourage of Villains with him “MC” – Master of Cards, to help him reject any online card transactions, Googs “God of Ad Blocks”, and also combined forces with the European Data Gods to strike down the email world implementing GDPR, which is slowly suffocating the inboxes of ordinary humans we are all trying to reach. They don’t care if you have white hat or black hat powers, this band of Villains is banning all of them!

Wewe Media is putting together the AFFengers composed of the strongest Super Affiliates out there to help save this galaxy. To be a part of this team, you must successfully pass the AFFenger challenge in 75 days. After the challenge is over, you will receive your rank as a member to the AFFenger team. At AWE Barcelona, you will be awarded with an honourary timepiece that will last a lifetime.

Affengers Contest - Period & Targets

Affengers Contest - Sidekick Bonus

We realize that WEWE AFFengers could sure use the extra help, if you are able to collect these infinity stones they can help boost you towards your revenue target.

Affengers Contest - Infinity Stones Bonus

Want to be part of the AFFenger team? Send me an email at or Skype me.