What is happening in Nutra – Pockets of information – May / June

As an AM, I don’t like to just push offers that my sales team asked me to. Sometimes, it’s good when I stay informed on the other side of things, by talking to advertisers so I know what’s trending, how the industry is shaping up and things like that. That way, I provide more value to my affiliates with these key pockets of information.

I don’t want to write too long, the below are trends I have gathered about Nutra recently:

  • There has been a spate of Facebook bans recently. Affiliates are generally affected, but we do see a slow recovery.
  • The biggest offers are still Keto Straight Sales. We have one of the biggest offer –  61869 Keto Pure (Nutra) (Straight Sale) – WW except US.
  • Trials cap is starting to come back, but it will need to be filled fast, else it will be gone quickly.

Some information regarding CBD offers:

  • CBD oil doing better than gummies.
  • Trials usually harder to come by, mostly Step 1 and low cap.
  • Good offers are Straight Sales
  • Email is running higher than Facebook, $6 EPC compared to $3-$4 EPC.
  • For easier Facebook approval, change wording to HEMP instead of CBD.