Check for broken links or too many redirects for the offers you are running with AffiliTest

I’m pretty sure every affiliate who run offers at some point experienced broken links or too many redirects between the tracking link network gives and the final offer page. While these issues might not seem like much, end of the day, they are putting a dent on your conversion rates and ROI. It’s a waste of traffic and money.

So, it’s always a good idea to check the redirect paths of your offer link, either via VPNs, extensions such as Redirect Path or an online tool like AffiliTest. Personally, I am using it and I recommend it to anyone who needs a simple, fuss-free solution.

What Does AffiliTest Do For Me?
AffiliTest provides tracking link verification, as an affiliate you have to check the links you want to run, because if they are redirected or not working you won’t get paid.

AffiliTest checks if it reaches the landing page and if at the moment the offers are live, from the point AffiliTest tells you the offer is not working and by the time you will get an email from your network that the offer is not working or paused you will save valuable time to send your traffic to your working offers and improve your monetization.

Using AffiliTest
1. Login to AffiliTest.
Affilitest Login

2. Add your offer tracking link and select the relevant settings. You can click on “Advanced” to drop down more options such as Country, OS, OS Version, City, Connection, Carrier. Click on “Submit” and result will show below. You can see the number of redirections an offer has or whether an offer is broken. It’s super straightforward and easy to use.
Affilitest Testing

For affiliates, I would recommend to go with the Professional $59 a month plan for a start.

Affilitest Pricing

You can register for free on their website and get 5 daily manual tests to check how it works, and if you would like to integrate via API, they will provide free API calls for integration. I can make an introduction in Skype if anyone needs more information.