Podcast – Episode #11: Push Ad Creatives that Convert with RichPush

Creatives are key to creating Push Ad campaigns that convert, but are you doing it right? Join Yan Gorbach, Head of Customer Success at RichPush as he dives into valuable tips that you will want to test out immediately. What’s the best number of creatives to use for a good A/B testing? What kind of creatives work best in Sweepstakes, Nutra and Dating? What are some mistakes you should avoid? Find out all you need to know about push ad creatives in this value-packed episode and put them in action.

You’ll Find Out:  

  • Which verticals work best for push traffic on RichPush?
  • Best practices to A/B test creatives
  • Top tips on creatives that work in Sweepstakes, Nutra and Dating
  • Recommended optimization tips
    – Why a black list is better than a white list
  • Push ads targeting options (and a great feature which RichPush offers )
  • 5 top mistakes to avoid

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