Podcast – Episode #8: Push Traffic – How to Make Push Ads your Winning Channel?

People send notifications a little too often, the more you send after a certain point, the worse your performance will actually be… and we’ve kind of found that sweet spot where you can send and continue to be profitable –  Joshua Briggs , Director of Sales, Pushnami

Are you jumping on the push bandwagon without doing it right? We’re happy to have Joshua Briggs, Director of Sales at Pushnami to share some great tips on maximizing push to generate revenue in this episode. What’s the optimal number of notifications to send before you become a nuisance? How long is a subscribed user most valuable? Get all your questions answered in today’s episode. Don’t miss out any key steps in planning your campaign.

You’ll Find Out:  

  • What is Pushnami?
  • Difference between web and mobile push, which should you use?
  • Why has push become a booming traffic source
  • What verticals and offers work well with push?
  • How do you strategise differently on Mobile vs Web?
  • Tips on building a push data base
  • How to maximise your impact in building a database
  • How to stay ahead of the game in push?
  • What makes Pushnami different from the rest?

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