Traffic Source Recommendation – UngAds – Push, Banner, Pops, Video, Native – $50 Bonus

As an affiliate myself last time, I know there are two main ingredients for a campaign to be profitable – good traffic sources and good offers. Traffic source and offer go hand in hand.

Even though now I’m an affiliate manager supplying the offer side of things, I still talk to many partners in the industry to keep myself informed of what’s happening and make good connections. This is so I can recommend and provide good resources to my affiliates on top of offers. I believe that’s what a good affiliate manager in the business should be.

Today, I would like to recommend a potential source who can provide you the traffic to boost your ROI. I present UngAds.

About UngAds
UngAds is an advertising network with its own self-service platform providing traffic from its own 500k+ premium publishers.

Traffic Types

  • Video (CPM)
  • Banners (CPM, CPC, SmartCPA)
  • PopUnders (CPM, SmartCPA)
  • Push Notifications (CPM, CPC, SmartCPA)
  • Native (Coming soon)

Both adult and mainstream ( including dating, gambling, betting, games, sweepstakes, crypto, finance, etc).

Top Geos
Currently their top countries are IN, USA, ID, SA, BR, EG, MX, PH, GB, TR, DE, KR, FR, etc. You can find more details regarding volume and average/top bids on their platform after registration. It’s very transparent.

UngAds - Traffic Volume

Dedicated Account Manager
Every registered user will have a personal account manager who will be able to guide him around the platform/ settings/tracking and all the necessary information.

Live Support
There’s also a live chat support inside the platform which you can make use of.
UngAds Chat Support

Minimum Deposit
The minimum deposit for the start is $100. There are many payment methods available – PayPal, wire, ePayments, Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer.

Refund Policy
Also there is a refund policy which works for all the users. They guarantee to refund the left amount from your balance in case you would like to stop the cooperation.

Setting Up A Campaign
It’s easy to create a campaign on the platform. It’s all in one page.

UngAds Campaign - General Settings
Campaign name – An identifier for your campaign.
Campaign type – You can choose between the various traffic types (Banner, Popunder, Video, Push), which will show the different creative settings below.

UngAds Campaign - BannerUngAds Campaign - Push

Price model – CPM, CPC or SmartCPA.
Price – Enter your bid for per 1000 impressions, per click or per conversion, depending on the pricing model you select. There’s a pricing help which will show you the minimum bids for the various ad formats.

UngAds - Minimum Bids
Landing url – Enter your tracking link here.

UngAds Campaign - Targeting

Countries – You can choose to include or exclude countries.
Languages – You can choose to include or exclude languages.
Connection type – All, 3G or Wifi traffic.
Traffic type – Mainstream, adult or both.
Carrier – Select the carriers you want to target.
Devices – Select the devices you want to target.
OS – Select the operating systems you want to target.
Browsers – Select the browsers you want to target.

UngAds Campaign - Limits

Daily limit – You can set a daily budget for your campaign.
Total limit – You can set a overall budget for your campaign.
Frequency capping – Here you can set a limit on the number of impressions per 24 hours.

UngAds Campaign - IP Restrictions

IP restrictions – You can whitelist or blacklist IPs.

UngAds Campaign - Publishers

Publishers – You can whitelist or blacklist publishers according to zone IDs.

UngAds Campaign - Time Targeting

Time targeting – You can set your campaign to run on certain days and timings.

And that’s all for campaign creation. It’s really user-friendly and smooth. Approval usually takes about 20 minutes!

We all know sometimes a good account manager can make all the difference. I have a trusted rep I can hook you up with. She will ensure to get you started in the best possible way.

Last but not least, to help you out, I have spoken with my guy to provide you an exclusive bonus of $50 after your first deposit via this promotional code: WEWE_MEDIA_Cross

Send me an email at or Skype me if you need help getting setup.